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  • Restoration Planning and Environmental Monitoring

    Throughout a river restoration project numerous site visits and stakeholder meetings are required. While some are needed, 360 video can bring the project to the restoration team, making meetings more efficient, construction bids tighter. Subsequent 360 video can provide an as-built baseline, which can then be used for environmental compliance and monitoring.

    360 video provides a before and after which aids in monitoring baseline and changes. It provides design support and makes offsite stakeholder meetings more effective and efficient. 

transmission line tower in sunset
  • Transmission Lines and As-Built Environmental Assessments

    Designing a infrastructure and its associated access while navigating land-owner issues and environmental restrictions can be daunting. Georeferenced ground level 360 video provides a virtual tour of the project. This “boots on the ground” imagery facilitates solutions to problems that would otherwise require a multi-person site visit. Utilizing the video during design and construction meetings quickly gets everyone on the same page, increasing efficiency and accuracy. Subsequent videos supply accurate as-built documentation and an environmental monitoring baseline.

  • Power & Energy Facilities

    Access to many facilities like power substations and dams is restricted. VRM has worked closely with utilities to provide as-built documentation for virtual asset management while adhering to the security requirements. These accurate as-builts increase the efficiency of redesigns and construction bids.

    Using 360 video improves the overall process for any project involving utility facilities from the initial planning to as-builts documenting the final project.

Server room, modern data center.
  • Asset management

    Tracking assets in large facilities like data centers and warehouses can be inaccurate and time consuming. Conducting 360 video walkthroughs at regular intervals provides asset managers with a way to QA/QC asset tabulations against what is really in the facility.

  • Safety and Evacuation Plans

    360 video walk through of restricted facilities, schools, government, or corporate buildings can provide an invaluable training tool for emergency services. Unlike still photos, 360 video captures everything, providing a more accurate representation of the building significantly reducing the amount of unknowns they are likely to encounter. Using this imagery for training and safety plans can decrease confusion in our increasingly digital and visual world.

  • Transportation

    VRM can provide georeferenced ground level documentation of road conditions. Unlike intermittent photos, 360 video captures all road conditions in high resolution. Road maintenance schedules can be optimized and as-built conditions of recent construction can be accurately documented.

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